Our Brand + Our Journey = Our Story

A brief story on how earthsome sprouted.

We met in Austin in 2014 during emotionally and hectic times of our individual lives. Guillermo had a job in telecommunications and I had a management job in retail working an unpaid internship on the side.

We don’t believe in regrets or complaints so to spare the details, we’ll jump right into how our lives began to spiral into its own story after we met. Soon into our relationship, we booked our first flight to Iceland, the trip that started it all. The grandeur of the endless rocky moss fields extended for miles and the silence out there captivated us. The glacier lagoons were crispy, pure and serene. The winds were strong, the sun was shy and the waterfalls were like giants radiating endless energy.

We knew early on that we wanted to create a journey for ourselves surrounded by nature. That if and when we decided to expand our family, it would be filled with adventure and our trip to Iceland was the thumbprint for this vision.

Soon after we got married, our family called for us back to our hometown in South Texas to help with the family business manufacturing health products. We packed our bags and left Austin. It was a difficult decision to leave but we knew to hold true to our vision.

Learning the business from home gave us the opportunity to create our very own brand. We wanted a name that would capture the essence of the family business, manufacturing healthy products for over 50 years. The brand identity had to fit our lifestyle that depicted our aspiration to travel, be in nature and the goal to remain balanced in life.

In yoga practice, they teach us to connect to the earth and nature through mind and body. One of the visualizations that we learned through yoga is the notion of pressing our open hands evenly and firmly against the floor to feel a special connection to something greater; feeling roots growing from the palm of our hands extending down to the core of the earth. This electrifying feeling was the very spark that we harnessed to breathe light into the word Earthsome.

To us, Earthsome means “from the earth, healthy and wholesome” and is more of a concept, idea and feeling that reminds us of the magic that it is to live on this planet. The Earthsome hummingbird is a representation of balance. We believe that when a life is healthy, happy and strong, it walks this earth feeling light and purposeful.

We share this planet with all living things, each with their own right to live a healthy and fulfilling life. This is why we believe Earthsome is from Earth to All.

Ana and Guillermo Zamorano

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