My Fitness Journey

As a kid I struggled constantly with allergies and low energy throughout the day. I would wonder why my body would react certain ways when I would eat particular foods or went outside (I am allergic to a TON of stuff). Not until I became aware of what I was putting in my body and exposing myself to, I began eating better and alternating certain foods to see if I felt better.

With that change also came the realization that if I ran and pumped fresh oxygen in my body, my allergies would abate and I would start feeling normal again. So I started running every day and lifting weights to counteract these food and allergic reactions. Fast forward 15 years and I have continued to lead a very active lifestyle and since have learned about my own body and how to optimize it to avoid feeling sluggish and worn out. 

Creating Earthsome and the Power Up Super Greens Powder has been an extension of me in many ways. To me, it has been a way to provide a great product to friends, family and strangers alike that are looking for real natural options to optimize their own body and mind, while preventing the feeling of "knowing" you CAN feel better. I struggled with that for many years and I knew I could feel better but didn't know what I needed to do to achieve this. Through trial and error, I understood how important it was to intake wholesome and quality products in order to function better and lead a more fulfilling life. 

I have recently joined the Crossfit world and I have been so absorbed by it! For years I would only go to the gym and run on my off days, but I have since realized that although weight training is GREAT, Crossfit has really been a forging of fitness; a definition for WORKING OUT as opposed to just exercising. I plan to make Crossfit a lifelong fitness journey, pacing my improvements throughout the years and feeding my body and temple the very best so that I can become the very best!

See you all at the top :)

From Earth To All,



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